Many years ago a brave group of people left the shorelines of their homeland aboard Voyaging Canoes.  These brave adventurers journeyed deep into the vast Pacific Ocean using the Stars as their navigation guide and their ocean skills and expertise to survive.  Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and many other distant and isolated Pacific islands were discovered and inhabited by these Polynesians. Today, canoes and the sport of paddling hold a culturally significant role in Hawaii, perpetuating culture and Hawaii's people.  We Go! Island Canoe perpetuates canoe paddling through adventure and canoe surfing!

We Go!

Exclusively experience a lifetime opportunity of an adventure in a Hawaiian outrigger canoe.  Discover Hawaii's magical waters and beautiful scenery accompanied by Hawaiian lifeguards and watermen.  Enjoy the the thrill of surfing a wave in a canoe, Hawaii's true roller coaster ride!  Create memories and experiences to share and remember paradise by.

"We Go" is a phrase shared daily between Local people literally meaning "Lets Go". It exemplifies an attitude of adventure, spontaneity and embodies a sense of "aloha".  Lets Share a "We Go" moment and experience together!