Many years ago a brave group of people left the shorelines of their homeland aboard Voyaging Canoes.  These brave adventurers journeyed deep into the vast Pacific Ocean using the Stars as their navigation guide and their ocean skills and expertise to survive.  Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and many other distant and isolated Pacific islands were discovered and inhabited by these Polynesians. Today, canoes and the sport of paddling hold a culturally significant role in Hawaii, perpetuating culture and Hawaii's people.  We Go! Island Canoe perpetuates canoe paddling through adventure and canoe surfing!

about we go! island canoe's owner and operator

Being born and raised in Hawaii, the ocean becomes a playground for those who respect, admire and encompass an active lifestyle.  At an early age simeon ke-Paloma was influenced by the ocean, Taking up surfing, canoe paddling, Spearfishing, bodysurfing and various other ocean activities.. His love for Canoe paddling turned into a competitive journey driving him to learn and experience Canoe paddling at high levels resulting in prestigious international competition..  Racing across rough water channels from island to island, (Molokai to Oahu), Coastal Races spanning 30 miles, from Catalina Island to Newport California, and amongst the Professional paddlers in tahiti representing a select team from Hawaii are some of his racing accomplishments.  With We go! Island Canoe, Simeon envisions sharing his love for canoe paddling in the funnest way., by adventuring and canoe surfing. We Go! island canoe will create memorable experiences to share with people looking for a taste of Hawaii, its culture, and its desirable active lifestyle.  

SImeon (Owner/OPerator) enjoying a ride with his son and mother in law

SImeon (Owner/OPerator) enjoying a ride with his son and mother in law

"We Go" is a phrase shared daily between Local people literally meaning "Lets Go". It exemplifies an attitude of adventure, spontaneity and embodies a sense of "aloha".  Lets Share a "We Go" moment and experience together!


Canoe Adventure Feedback:

"Best excursion we've ever been on. Simeon was AWESOME! He was so knowledgeable of everything Hawaii. We applaud his passion for what he does. This canoe excursion is a no-brainer. You know an excursion is great when you wish it never ended. If we would have been able to give We Go! Island Canoe 10 star rating, we would have. If you're planning a trip to Oahu, this is a must"!
"Best time ever! Highly recommend We Go! Island Canoe. Simeon is an excellent canoe guide. Best way to see parts of Kailua...from an outrigger canoe just like in ancient Polynesian times. Ride the surf, visit the bird Sanctuary, look for sea turtles, and much much more await you on this one in a life time experience" -tripadvisor
"We Go Island Canoe is an excellent option for a beautiful and fun outrigger canoe adventure. Simeon is a great businessman, lifeguard and canoe surfing tour guide and has a bright future with the way he hosted and lead our adventure. He provided an outstanding experience on the water in beautiful Kailua and also the hike, cliff jumping fun. I strongly recommend him and company Wego Island Canoe as a great option for folks interested in learning how to paddle Outrigger canoes and have some fun! He is a lifeguard in Waikiki and is extremely personable, helpful and easy to work with for setting up a great adventure on your vacation with kids teenagers and/or grownups!" -tripadvisor

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